A Snapbooth ready to go!

Here’s where we make it different.  A lot different.  And a lot more fun.  

Think of us as a professional studio, set up wherever you book us for.  We use professional-grade lighting, a seamless white background and professional camera gear to make sure you get the best shots possible.  You get much better photos, a professional photographer (me!) taking the photos, directing and posing help, and unlimited costume changes!  We can also get more of you in the photo, and more people in the shot too (if you don’t mind a bit of the non-white background creeping in).  My record so far is 22 people in the one shot, can you beat that?

Because we’re a bigger deal than your average photobooth, we do need a bit more room to set up in.  Most places are happy to make room or have enough room already.  We can always shrink the setup if we need to, it just gets a bit messier, that’s all!